Friday, 5 January 2018

Modern Trends for Window Treatments

The window dressings and treatments are the crucial part of offices and consumer household interior designs. Therefore, it is highly critical for retailers and manufacturers of window treatments to keep track of modern trends in window dressings.

For last few years, people are looking for simple applications with eye-catchy designs in window treatments. These consumer preferences will further shape into upcoming trends of window dressings. Some of these top trends are:-

Greenery Trend

The green window dressings mean using wood and fabrics that are safe and sound. For instance, bamboo blinds can be a good choice because it’s easy to replenish and does not need to destroy its natural habitat. In this context, cork and hemp are also growing to be popular among people because rising spiritual thirst is leading people to embrace natural colors (green) of the earth.   

In this regard, retail merchants need to find out more fabrics with competitive nature in household and office decoration segment.

Color Inclination

Consumers are shifting from complex and bold colors of paisleys and are not inclined toward floral printed patters. People are moving toward simple lines that are displayed in cool; aqua, deep blue-based neutrals, and greens. The other desired color includes red along warm tones and neutral colors (earth complexion) such as taupe, tan and brown.

The window dressing entrepreneurs can position neutral colors as classic ones for consumers because they can fit effectively in any room style or d├ęcor.


The user needs the simple appearance of window dressings with smart designs that allow unlimited light which can easily shine up the entire room of the home or office space. The big rooms are getting popular in this context. On the other hand, people also demand window curtains treated with simple finishes, limited hardware, and cleanliness.

Some retail shops of window dressings provide adjustable blinds that redirect light and heat along selective privacy. 

Woven Fabric

The users are looking for woven fabric in their window curtains that are light and less bulky. They want window framings of layered valances, drapes, and sheers. Many window dressing suppliers receive a high demand for satin fabric; velvet tassels and furs incorporation into valances and swags.

Creative Options

Creative options are getting popular across the window dressing industry. Office and household customers are inclining toward curtain rods that look like hockey sticks and boat paddles instead of using traditional valances and swags.

Bold Prints

People are trending toward printed fabrics that are large and contain repetitive patterns. Designers are choosing strips over solids while crafting window dressings.


The above trends play the decisive role in influencing consumer buying behavior for choosing window dressings. Window Curtain Suppliers & Manufacturers need to understand that fashion trends are not the only element that determines the window curtain design. The function and form also play a crucial role in making a drawing of window dressings.

Therefore, it is essential for retailers and suppliers of window dressings to establish online and offline interaction with consumers. It can be helpful for entrepreneurs to keep track of customers changing interests and preferences regarding window treatments.

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